PB + J breakfast bars

These babies are for real! It’s like I was transported back to child-hood with this flavor combo. PB + J always holds a special place in my heart. Um…move on to the recipe?

pb + j breakfast bars

PB + J Breakfast Bars

1/2 C dried blueberries
1/2 C dried dates
1/4 C agave nectar
1/4 C peanut butter (I used Trader Joe’s unsalted creamy PB)
1 C roasted nuts or seeds (I used sliced almonds)
1 1/2 C toasted oats
Vanilla paste, to taste
1 – 2 t. spirulina


1. Process dried dates and blueberries in food processor until a paste is formed.

2. Toast oats. This can usually be done at 350 degrees for about 10 – 15 minutes (just watch the oats so they dont burn)

3. Put dried fruit paste, nuts/seeds, vanilla paste and oats in a bowl.

4. Warm the peanut butter and agave over low heat. Once melted, pour in bowl. Mix together.

5. Put the bars in a pan and refrigerate to set up. In about an hour you can cut them and store them individually.


Raw Food Fest 2014

Raw Food Fest 2014 was a blast!

This year it was held at Tasili’s Raw Reality.


Our offerings.

People really seemed to like the mayan dark chocolate brownies.


These guys were full of kick!!

here are just a few photos of the event:
email sign up


rawfood packages

SarRAW + RaeLi

sarRAW and RaeLi

It’s official. I’m in the book.

sarRAW chef bio


Overall the festival was a great experience. I made a video on my reaction to the festival:



Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

vegan dinner one

We have pictures from vegan dinner one! This was an incredible dinner series! I am so blessed to report that we had to have a two dinners to accommodate everyone who wanted to come.

The theme was thankfulness + springtime fresh.



We featured a local kombucha maker, DOMkucha. She brought Blueberry Sage, Grapefruit Basil, and Pineapple Apple Ginger.






this was the beginning of the amuse bouche, a little sweet and salty red pepper.


adding a little tomatillio salsa.


the guests waiting patiently to be served.


and here they are!

sweet and spicy red pepper, tomatillio salsa, jalapeno pepper, and dehydrated peach.

IMG_0145some people like to tweet them. and some people like to eat them.


#vegandinnerone #oohlaraw #oohlarawlife


on to the first course.


the watercress bed waiting for the apricots!



placing those sprouts.


almost done!


and we’re served.

apricot, watercress, pea sprouts, cherry balsamic reduction, mint, and almonds ( i almost forgot the mint, twice)


(not pictured – people licking the cherry balsamic sauce off the plate..i guess they liked it. )

on the the second.


a shot of the homemade pasta there. Pasta making is an art, I have a new deep appreciation and respect for Italians who spend their whole life perfecting pasta.


and just like that, the pasta was served.


homemade pasta with a lemon white sauce, dill, and peas.


looks like the pasta was a hit!

now we move on.

there was a small palate cleanser before dessert, just a little shot of ginger root and grapefruit.

and now for dessert!


beet clove cake with a lemon frosting, hazelnut dust.




all smiles! I really had a great time hosting my friends for a couple of nights and feeding them (possibly new) food. Vegan food really can be tasty and pretty!

A big thank you to all the people who attended this first dinner series. I am grateful and honored to be able to share my home and my food! Also to Rae, this dinner wouldn’t have ran as smoothly without you (and it probably wouldn’t of ever happened).

I would like to host a June dinner, but I am currently searching for a venue. If we don’t find one soon, we will just have another dinner at the house and seating will be very limited.

Until next time.

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